Main Figure Recipe (the last pic is of a movie accurate head, with different legs)

Head: MU Gamora (old was ST Uhura with X-23 hair)
Body: ? Star Wars, possibly Marvel, HEAVILY modified
If Star Wars, then I fused it to an MU waist.

Legs: Baroness
Arms: Star Wars Oola.

I admit I don't fully know how the Guardians of the Galaxy fit into my EXCAL verse, per se, but they are Marvel, and part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and so they are in. It will probably be a straight up interpretation.

That said, I do like having discretion to change the looks of figures. Groot is wearing a uniform, for example. And I really like the MU Gamora head, so that trumps the slightly more accurate movie looking head I had used before.

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