Cover - vintage ARAH Gung-Ho Dress Blues
Head - 50th Gung-Ho
Torso - Angel Forge
Arms - DG Cobra Commander
Hands - ROC Storm Shadow
Legs - 50th Gung-Ho w/ POC Arctic Cobra Commander calves
Feet - POC Arctic Cobra Commander
Sword - fodder box/ Angel Forge
Rank stickers - Cobra Stickers

In my "Joeverse" Gung-Ho is Marine Recon. I've been wanting to make a figure like this for some time, and when the 50th Gung-Ho came out I knew it was time. The Angel Forge torso is bulky enough to pass as a 50th figure. I wanted to match the height of the 50th figure, so I customized the legs from 50th Gung-Ho with ROC Arctic Cobra Commander calves/feet. Someone of FB pointed out the left calf is turned around - mistake on my part, but not a big enough deal to me to fix. I really wish Hasbro offer some new sculpts of Marine Dress Blues as well as other dress uniform soldiers. Thanks for looking!

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