Base body - War Machine
Head - Marcus Gears of War
Jet pack - Cobra Trouble Bubble
Goggles - MTF
Halo figure shoulder pad for chest plate
Helmet recipe:
OK so the HELMET is the front gun from a POC HISS Tank. The guns were cut off, a lil epoxy sculpting, and a camera from a Joe figure (can't remember which one) glued on top. Add a bit of paint and bam new helmet!

The Fallen have come under heavy air attacks. They have limited air support so they have scrapped together a low altitude air combat suit code name METAL ANGEL. The pilot is Major Ian Stryder. An ex Astronaut that flew many missions in the NASA space program before the Reaper Wars began. His mission is to seek and destroy enemy weapons depots as well as gather intel to learn more about their adversaries movements.

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