Head, Helment, Decal = 2016 GIJoeCon Custom Class Casts
Torso, Legs = BFS Red & Flesh Blanks
Arms = MU Iceman?
Bio Assistance = KilCarr

Jim Barr was a man unfulfilled. A scientist of no real accomplishment who idolized his father, a tough-as-nails police detective who served in the war. When his father was killed in the line of duty by Headman, Jim Barr pushed himself farther and harder than he ever had before, creating a super-serum that gave him the strength of ten men and even more brain power than before. Inventing a helmet that allowed him flight capabilities, he took to the streets as Bulletman, The Human Bullet. Forever seeking his father's approval, he now sought to bring his father's killer to justice.

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