Head: Frag-Viper
Torso, Arms, Legs: HEAT-Viper
Waist: Sci-Fi

Ok, read carefully as this may be confusing.

This Letal custom of mine is copied from greboguru's Letal custom that he admitted is copied from ScarViper's Letal custom.

But I think that's what makes this design great... that more than one person wants to use the same design.

Anyway, Brazil's Letal was one of my holy grails, I wanted it so much, primarily because it was in neon green. But alas, Im not able to purchase one, so Letal was always on the top of my customs-to-do lists, but I never got a design that is to my liking, until now.

Although this is a purely LBC custom, it is one of my favorite customs that I made.

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