-Mega Construx Call of Duty lower torso

-Mega Bloks Assassin's Creed upper torso

-Micro Machines micro figure head

-GI JOE hands from fodder bin

PALOOKA power suits are the most popular and widely-used throughout the galaxy. The most popular, however, is the original PALOOKA, which started the line many decades ago.

Since then, specialty armors such as the Mako (aquatic operations) and Yeti (arctic operations) have debuted, with more on the way.

About the build:

Minifigure built off a Megabloks/Megaconstrux base, with greebles grafted on. Went through a number of prototypes and iterations before arriving at these.

My interest in them was reignited by Diaclone/Dianauts, when I wanted a power armor in scale with my microfigures. I see PALOOKA suits as the step before a mech or heavy robot armor.

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