-Mega Bloks Assassin's Creed upper torso

-Mega Construx Call of Duty lower torso

-Micro Machines micro figure head

-GI JOE hands from fodder bin

A spin-off of the extremely popular PALOOKA line of power suits, the Yeti armor is built specifically for arctic conditions. Capable of traversing the most difficult terrain, the Yeti has become a staple on icy worlds inhospitable to humanoids.

About the build:

Minifigure built off a Megabloks/Megaconstrux base, with greebles grafted on. Went through a number of prototypes and iterations before arriving at these.

My interest in them was reignited by Diaclone/Dianauts, when I wanted a power armor in scale with my microfigures. I see PALOOKA suits as the step before a mech or heavy robot armor.

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