HACKs clear orange blank with armor from a Schleich figure.


Historical Documentation:

On the outskirts of Athens worked an extremely skilled, but relatively unknown smith. He carried a true love for his community and his people, and when a wealthy businessman began forcing them out of their homes in order to build an elaborate mansion for himself, he was filled with anger. After a disastrous attempt to fend off the businessman's lackeys cost him a hand he turned to his gods. He prayed, and before him appeared Vulcan, who told him to forge a suit of armor. Into it Vulcan infused a small portion of his power and a man, appearing as though he were formed of glowing, molten metal arose. This being quickly strode into the night and the very next morning, the businessman, minus a hand, announced that he had decided to build his mansion elsewhere. Since that day those faithful to Vulcan have spread the word: Pray, and if your cause is righteous, the inferno, Kolasi, will see justice done.

Temporal Log:

Kolasi played a part defending the weakest from the Gorgon Horde and continued to appear for centuries. Over time, as new beliefs made the Gods of Greece into little more than stories, he too faded away. Faded, but never disappeared, not entirely. In a dusty corner of a small museum hangs the armor of Kolasi, and if a true believer of Vulcan were to pray for justice . . . well, who can say what would happen?

Interpol Addendum:

Though priceless historically, the so-called "Armor of Kolasi" has little material value, and given it's distinctiveness would be difficult to sell. Why then have various agents believed to be in the employ of Cobra and Dr. X been sighted in it's vicinity? Increased surveillance is warranted, if only because the capture of one of these agents could provide valuable intelligence. They can't actually believe the legends, can they?

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