Head: PVC Serenity Movie figurine
Torso: HACKS Blank, modded/sculpted
Legs: Major Bludd
Arms: Hybrid of hacks/Recondo/Lifeline

Coat Arms: Hybrid of hacks and Admiral Keel Haul

Coat: Golden Compass

Holster: Rogue One Jin

Originally I wrote Mal into my EXCAL/contemporary verse, but as I begin to focus more on placing characters in their true eras, I've begun to treat this more as a stand-alone thing. Though interaction with Star Wars, Buck Rogers, Battlestar Galactica, Guardians of the Galaxy, etc..., can't be ruled out.

This is my second version of Mal. Originally I had used the PVC torso, modded, as the base for the figure with articulation added. But I also wanted swappable browncoat arms, and it wasn't very permanent to do that with hot glue sockets. So I decided to mod a HACKS figure to accommodate.

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