Head: Dragonball Evolutions Goku
Torso: Wolverine Origins Logan
Left arm: PoC Jungle Duke
Right Arm: Upper PoC Jungle Duke, Lower Star Wars CZ-5 with SW IG-86 claw
Legs: RoC Ripcord

Underground was done for the Cyborgs NJC, but I forgot when the deadline was and he missed the competition. He's based on an old Joe knockoff from Remco's American Defense line. I love his look, very Cannon films B-movie sort of future soldier vibe. I don't know if he ever had a bio, I can't find one if he did. I use him as a fixer. A go between for various outfits. Joe, Cobra, Dreadnok, whatever, if you need gear, guns, info, or work, he can probably get it for you. He used to be more hands on, but the incident that cost him his eye and arm convinced him to move into the background, which isn't to say he won't fight if need be.

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