Head: MU Beast with VvV Venomous Maximus hair
Torso and Legs: MU Ares
Right Arm: MU Thor
Left Arm: MU Beast upper with VvV V Max lower
Feet: Star Wars Durge

While the "new sculpt" era had it's issues with sculpt and proportion, it did a lot really well. The 2 pack format made army builders and female characters an easier sell for retailers and they introduced a ton of interesting new characters and concepts. The V-Troops concept is an easy one to pick on, but I actually quite like the idea of Cobra working to give soldiers animal attributes. For me, the V-Troops were an experiment done by Doctor Venom in the early days of Cobra. Pregnant Cobra volunteers had their children experimented on in vitro in an attempt to create future super soldiers. The majority of the children were born perfectly normal, but all were monitored over the course of their lives and a handful, the V-Troops, started showing capabilities beyond that of normal humans. With these successful examples of the theory to draw on, Dr. Mindbender and other Cobra scientists were able to carry on Venom's work. Venomous Maximus isn't one of the adult V-Troops, but rather a manufactured human similar to Serpentor. In fact, Cobra Commander intended him to be Serpentor 2.0, a skilled general and combatant to help Cobra rise to new heights, only without the pesky free will that ended up making the Serpentor experiment a failure. Programmed by the Brainwave Scanner, Venomous Maximus is incapable of betraying Cobra in general and Cobra Commander in specific.

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