Heads: Emperor Palpatine/Clone Emperor
Torsos: MU Daredevil/MU Dr. Strange
Arms: MU Captain Britain/Clone Wars Palpatine
Legs: Ultimate Cobra Commander

Zorak is the primary villain from Mattel's Big Jim's P.A.C.K. line. His gimmick was that his head would change from shirtless, cloaked, normal guy with a mustache, to shirtless, cloaked, normal guy with a Hulk face. Where his mustache went, no one could truly say. Since I'd made Big Jim, making his archfoe seemed like a logical step, and I liked the challenge of incorporating his action feature somehow. I could have just had a swappable head, but it always bothered me that the original figure's face turned green while his torso and arms stayed the same. I decided I wanted the transformation he underwent to be a bit more physical, hence the swappable torsos. As you can see in the pics, there's a metal plate in the waist of the figure. Each torso has a magnet in the base to keep everything together when popped on. It's a simple gimmick, but one that lets me have both mad scientist and budget Hulk versions of Zorak in the same figure. He gets to keep his mustache in both modes. Anyone with a mustache like that would chuck any formula that made it disappear in the trash no matter how much super strength it gave them.

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