Head, neck: 25A Destro (neck is cast from IG uniform)
Goggles: push mold from NS Swamp Rat helmet
Arms: Star Wars- Ric Olie
Chest/Back: Star Wars- Doda Bodonawieedo
Waist, legs: Star Wars- Barquin Dan


This character appeared in the Renegades episode "Knockoffs" as the inventor of the holographic suit eventually worn by Zartan. He appeared briefly in the opening sequence, in which the Baroness took possession of the holographic suit before wiping his mind. His uniform was only shown in good detail from the waste up. This custom was an opportunity to use some junk parts Star Wars fodder. Like many of my animated interpretations, the uniform isn't an exact match. Unfortunately, the sagging shoulders and wiry build of the animation didn't make it to the figure, but I tried to keep the spirit of the design with available parts.

Colors & Paints:

Based on the cartoon. The legs are painted to match some of the elements of other Renegades designs, such as the kneecaps being framed out by color from the rest of the legs.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The ears were made larger by adding a strip of wire to the outer edges. Mass was added to the nose, particularly on the sides. The scrunched up lines in the forehead were smoothed with epoxy.

The neck is cast and the goggles are push mold.

The apron above the waistline was framed with tape, with epoxy used to fill out/feather the interior edges. The tools on the apron are scraps of kibble. The lower portion of the apron is aluminum foil coated with tape on both sides, allowing for just the right amount of wrinkling to look right. The legs were factory sculpted with the shirt tales low enough that they could have been painted as the apron bottom. However, creating a scratch-built apron allowed for the hiding of the t-crotch, which had large gaps around the inner/upper portions of the legs.


This figure is dedicated to the late Clement Suave, who created the minimalist-but-full character designs for GI Joe Renegades and is largely credited with the visual aesthetics of the show. The character's name was not revealed, but Cobra Commander referred to him as being a professor when speaking to the Baroness. As he was not named, I mixed parts of his first and last names to create "Saument".

Thanks for looking.

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