Head-Joe Colton with sculpted hair and mustache
Lower Legs-50th Bazooka
Harness_DC Hawkman figure
Gear-AVACS Lab Helmet, Vintage Launcher

Another figure made in my quest to fill the gaps from 88-94. He was on the backburner for over a year, while parts slowly fell together over time. The Leatherneck figure was crucial, preventing me from having to paint skin tones on the moving elbows. He had no head besides a 50th Bazooka one (way too scrawny), until I decided to sculpt on the Joe Colton head, and dirty it up a bit. The mustache isn't 100% accurate to the original, but when I sculpted the original type, it just looked very out of place for an update. I went the large Gung Ho type instead. There he sat again, as I could not figure out a harness. I did not want to sculpt one. As luck would have it, I happened upon a DC Hawkman figure that was around 4" tall, and used the harness from that, with pouches from Elite Forces and Joe attached to the top.

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