Head, Helmet, Pack and Gun: Raginspoon
Bird: Angel Forge
Vest: Tornado Kick Snake Eyes with holster attached.
Rest: 50th Saw Viper

At the last Con, I had a list of figures that I needed to fill spots in the Modern Era Collection. Some of them are only available from previous Con sets. As I rounded the sales floor throughout the weekend, I realized that I wasn't about to spend the type of money they command. I just can't.

As a customizer first, and collector second, I just decided I'd make my own and be happy. If a retail version comes out at a later date that is nicer, I usually switch them at that point, but obvious I can't do that with a Con figure. Voltar was just too easy and perfect when I saw the SAW Viper coming out. I quickly scrounged what cast parts I could and ordered the rest at a later date, finally getting around to starting him last fall. I had to trim down the collar a bit to make the head fit right, but outside of painting some details, that was about the only mod needed.

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