Ripcord RoC head
Avacs Lab stocking Cap
MTF Beret and Mask, scarf
Gung Ho vest with MTF add ons
Torso-50th Snow Job
Arms-Snow Job 50th
Upper Legs-50th Duke
Lower Legs-Joe Retaliation Trooper

Made for Custom Celebration 11, during the WIP your Wip's challenge.

I'm always looking and scouring to find ways to bring 88-93 characters to life in the modern style (as with last years Tracker and this years Backblast).

One that I have always been trying to figure out is the '89 Stalker Tundra Ranger.

The figure fell together rather quickly, once I figured out what vest to go with, which is one of the reasons I had never attempted him before - I couldn't find a vest that i liked.

Using MTF bits, I was able to pull of the look I was hoping for. I opted not to use the vintage kayak, as there is no feasible way he'd fit in it.

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