Head - Depth Charge v1 (2001)
Torso, Arms, Waist, Legs - Eel v1 (1985)

This is an ARAH "update" of a modern era figure, Depth Charge. Now, Depth Charge is a pretty good figure for its time, the proportions aren't as wonky as many contemporary figures, but ARAH is still better. I used the Depth Charge head, and needed one or more divers for the rest. Luckily the 1985 Eel works really well here, giving me everything I was looking for: a knife strapped to the left shin, things around the wrists, and the shoulder things on the Eel replace the shoulder accessory that came with the original figure. I had to do a small amount of modding on the inside of the torso for the head to fit, but it now fits really well and functions perfectly. I also used the accessory pack Eel accessories (the dark blue ones) for the fins and pack, and added a bit of colour to them. I kept the original Depth Charge helmet, it fits the head and looks pretty cool. I'm actually quite proud of the waist on this figure. The Eel legs are very bulky, so it really wasn't an option to use another waist piece. But the Eel waist has some business on the front that I didn't want. So I skimmed that off with a knife, and then used just a knife and some sandpaper to create some new creases along the front of the waist to match the ones on the sides. It's a bit hard to see in these pics, but I was really happy with how it turned out, you can't tell it's been customized at all.

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