Head - Bazooka v3 (1993)
Torso - Topside (1990)
Arms - Skidmark (1988)
Waist - Ripper (1985)
Legs - Cutter v1 (1984)

I wanted to share one of my favourite customs I've done to date. It was in fact one of the very first ones I did, and it has special meaning to me. I'm very into the Marvel GI Joe comics, and the first issue I ever read was #36 when I was 8 years old. I still remember that day, buying the issue at the corner store. I must have read it a dozen times that day and I still know every page in detail. I have included an image from the opening splash page below, and that was awesome, because instead of a clunky "action" figure in a big hunk of a plastic suit, there was Deep Six actually being useful! So this is a custom I wanted to do for a long time, and when I finally started customizing this was one of the first I did. I gave him accessories appropriate to issue 36 - a fire extinguisher and an ax, plus an MP5K submachine gun to fend off Cobras.

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