Head: '85 Snow Serpent
Arms: '86 Viper and '86 BAT
Torso: '85 Alpine
Waist: '86 Roadblock
Legs: '85 Dusty

Thomis is based on, or more like inspired by, the French bootleg European Force figure, with some liberties taken such as using a BAT arm.

The mercenary called Thomis is a former Cobra Viper. He was gravely injured in battle against the Joe team, and left for dead atop a steep cliff where he was discovered by a former robotics engineer turned hermit. The hermit took Thomis' barely alive body back to his chateau where he replaced his missing limb with a cybernetic prosthetic and healed Thomis back to health. Thomis was initially manipulated by his savior into doing his dirty work, taking out business rivals throughout eastern and western Europe, but the former Viper turned on his master, breaking free from his control and now offers his skills as a mercenary on an open market.

Thomis holds a deep-seated hatred for both Joe and Cobra alike, and often takes jobs at a deep discount if he finds it will inflict damage, directly or even indirectly, on either of them.

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