Head: '92 T'jbang
Arms: '89 Snake Eyes
Torso: '89 Aero Viper
Waist: unknown
Legs: '86 Zandar

This figure is inspired by a couple of different sources. Mike T. profiled his Funskool Streethawk figure as a character called Bandito, a freelance coyote (someone that smuggles people across the US/Mexico border for money). Scarrviper then made a kick butt custom based on that idea.

The man known as Bandito is a complete mystery. He's a highly skilled courier that specializes in the transportation or smuggling of illicit goods, and in particular: Human trafficking. His ability to evade law enforcement and always fulfill his clients terms has caught the attention of both Joe and Cobra alike, though one wants to employ him, and the other wants to stop him.

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