Head: 3D sculpt and print by RaginSpoon
Body: Retaliation Flint
Coat tails: ROC Storm Shadow
Holo-Wrist Computer: DC 6" Robin (plus magnets)
Backpack: Bratz

So I had this head already, and I was debating whether to make a Gary Goggles tribute via a Sightline figure like my friend JM70 made, or maybe add Gary to the Cantina verse, when Boss Fight dropped their preview of the time traveling historian version of Goggles.

I couldn't make my own version of that stolen concept any faster than I did.

I didn't know Gary as well as a lot of you, having met him just the once, talked with him a few times, and hosted one marathon podcast session with him. But visually I always remember him in this metallic silver spaceman hoodie he wore at Assembly Required. So that's how I came up with this look. I figure it makes for a decent time traveling outfit.

Though my verse's travelers are different from the BFS Vitruvian story line, Goggles' role in mine will be very similar. some of the pics show him in a meeting with various other members of the group.

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