mine is a cobra rocket trooper, web gear cobbled together from scraps of old webgear trimmed for other projects, the head is the ponytail scarlett from roc, head band made from arctic snake eyes kwinn necklace, and to use all the parts of the buffalo trimmed the weasel skulls down and those are his smoke grenades

Bullhorn is one that was up until recently absent from the modern series. He was one of my all time favorite designs.

The DEF RAID UNIT received intel that Headman was running his Headhunters out of one of his strong holds using some black market BATs. Bullhorn is the team's overwatch but once the situation went south he joined the unit inside to turn the tide and make sure everyone came home in one piece. Everyone always wonders why the "negotiator" carries brass knuckles until they are used to shatter the faceplate of a headhunter lackey about to execute the team. Equalizer.

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