Renegades cobra trooper, BAT legs, vintage head 50th snow job backpack trimmed off blanket for crash cart

CrashCart - Back piece came came with rogue one figure i used for the wiper, center is a trimmed down cobra jet pack from the 25th fang 2 pack, front is from another rogue one with a quarter of an Easter egg

DIC era medic and his hover cart, his whole drive in the field is to make sure no one is left behind, ever. A medal placing Olympic athlete known for his effortless ability to stride with someone over his shoulders, he is among the best combat medics the team has ever had. He often finds humor about the nickname the other Joes have given his recovery craft, seeing as it is often safer for him to just run in and out than maneuver the "crash cart" as he usually manages to sideswipe a column of cobra troopers.

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