Head: Chameleon (Baroness) (modified)
Body: 82-83 Clutch

I have created some new characters based on old or deceased characters from the Joe universe, "tributes" as I like to call them. Either a child of an older character or someone honoring a deceased character with a similar look and/or name. Gideon is one of them.

Based on Dickie G. Saperstein, a member of the Vietnam LRRP group along with Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow and Stalker, I was really just looking for an excuse to use the name Gideon. I don't know if 'G' is his actual middle initial, but I saw it somewhere and went with it.

Most of my tributes are LBCs, which is why you won't see most of them. All I did with Gideon was cut off some of the hair, color in the glasses and remove the lipstick. I think it now passes for a male's head rather well.

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