Head: CP Kwinn w/ CP & v2 necklaces
Torso & Arms: BC Duke (modified)
Waist: Lanard Corps? w/ v2 belt
Legs: Kwinn v2

As you may tell, I am not a fan of the modern style Joes. I prefer ARAH. But as you can see with my Kwinn, some parts from the modern style figures are better than any we received with ARAH-style versions.

The comic pack Kwinn was a long time coming, but it came up short. Literally short, as in height. Not to mention the overused Big Ben body. As I have tried to do with disappointing figures such as this, I had to improve it.

The Battle Corps Duke torso provided the best color and look. I just removed all the camo spots. The waist was a hard find and still isn't the best color match. Even with the shorter torso, the long modern legs provide a more proper height

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