Head: CP Lady Jaye
Torso, upper Arms, Waist & Legs: 00 Dial-Tone
lower Arms: CP Duke

I feel it is lazy to reuse the same name for obviously different characters, so this is a "reverse" tribute custom.

I sometimes have trouble coming up with code names, but this one was pretty simple. Old school Morse Code communication: Dot Dash. Well, it's better than another Dial-Tone.

I had to use an advanced customizing technique to make this figure. I hate the hands of the 2000 Dial-Tone, so I had to get rid of them. Matching up arm sleeves to shirts is difficult, so I had to keep the upper arms. It's tough to neatly break apart the softer plastic of these figures, so I could not do this without completely destroying the other half of both Dial-Tone's and comic pack Duke's arms

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