Head: Decimator (v1) 1990
Torso: Clutch (v3) 1993
Upper arms: Clutch (v3) 1993
Lower arms: rock viper (v1) 1990
Waist: Snake Eyes (v3) 1989
Legs: Thrasher (v1) 1986

Backpack: Budo (v1) 1988
Sword: Snake Eyes (v19) 2004
Gun: Lampreys (v2) 1990

I loved the idea of a caucasian ninja and with Snake Eyes as a teacher, you know you don't want to be on his bad side.

This is one of my projects I had the most fun of making. My first ninja and I had some challenges for me to tackle like painting arms joints. I discovered (the hard way) that sanding the shoulders down helps prevent paint chipping. Every project taught something else... this one taught me how to get a clean stripeless coat of paint!

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