Head: convention Hotwire
Torso & Arms: convention Road Pig (modified)
Waist & Legs: Blanka v1

I loved the Street Fighter figures when they joined the Joes in 1993. It even got me into the video game, which I was terrible at.

The Street Fighters have always fit well into my Joe-verse. But it wasn't until recently that I decided to change up Blanka. The non-blue and non-green Blanka body parts became available once the convention figures of Road Pig and Hotwire were produced.

Hotwire is currently a very desired and expensive figure, so the decision to take mine apart was a tough one. But not really. The Blanka head does not fit well in the Hardball torso used for Hotwire. The back half of the Hardball torso has a vertical ridge where the ball joint sits. The Blanka head does not have a proper sized wedge cut out of the back of the neck ball. Therefore, a lot of pressure is put on the torso and it developed a small crack at the top of the chest. So it made sense to take it apart and relieve the pressure.

Anyway, the sunburned/tan skin tones of the head and torso match up and once I removed the tattoos from Road Pig, I had a re-human Blanka.

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