Head: Adventure People
Alternate head: 25A Cobra Commander
Unused alternate head: Star Wars- Han Solo Stormtrooper helmet
Torso, arms: 25A Serpentor
Hands, Legs, feet: '09 ROC Snake-Eyes (Arctic Assault)
Knife & sheath: 25A ???


Jacques LaFleur is the final MASK/VENOM character for me to translate into a custom. Probably not the last, as I might redo one of the weaker figures or put other figures in alternate uniforms or maybe even make a supporting character from the cartoon.

Released by Kenner in 1986 as one of two figures included with the Volcano attack van, Jacques Lafleur had a rugged outdoorsy vibe. To update the design, Serpentor and Arctic Assault Snake-Eyes body parts put Jacques Lafleur in a form-fitting athletic shirt under thick coveralls. I also kept two other elements from the Kenner design: the single knee pad and the coiled rope.

The Adventure People figure head was perfect, and it's large enough to not look tiny on the Serpentor body.

Colors & Paint:

Based on the two-tone green of the European "Glider Strike" set, with tan thrown in for some of the gear.

I was going to make a mold of the the Adventure People head, but instead found a damaged figure to donate its head. The figure had apparently been a dog's chew toy, removing a hand and leaving tooth marks all over. The scar was painted on to accommodate the damage.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The head was removed from the neck and drilled out to accept the neck post. Additional hair was sculpted.

The overalls were sculpted on the torso using tape and epoxy. The upper leg padding is also sculpted.

The alternate masked head is a Stormtrooper helmet, filled solid to accept the neckpost. The "face" of the Maraj mask is sculpted over the front of the helmet. This was my first attempt at really sculpting the details of a mask. Using the Stormtrooper helmet was a mistake, as it's just too big and dwarfs the body. So after looking at it for several days I realized I needed to work on a smaller base head.

The better sized mask is the Cobra Commander head, with another Maraj "face" sculpted over it. It looks like a cross between an alien had and a gas mask. It's not as symmetrical as it should be, but I'm satisfied with it.

Thanks for looking.

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