Helmet - Kickstart
Head - Law
Upper Body - Skydive
Legs - POC Gen. Hawk
Vest - Ultimate Ret Flint
Backpack - JUMP
Flame Stand - Vortious Customs

Grand Slam is another character I never owned as a child. Didn't have the HAL or JUMP pack either, so not as emotionally attached to this character as others. Yet, he is an essential custom for the O13. I never really liked the concept of the HAL. It seemed more like a base defender type weapon. I think Grand Slam with the JUMP jet pack makes more sense for the team. In my Joeverse, Grand Slam is kind of the techno-nerd who gets to try out experimental weaponry, one of which being the HAL - Heavy Assault Leader which is my slightly customized Steel Marauder.

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