Helmet - DG Duke
Headset - ARAH Breaker
Head - Bench Press
Body - DG Shipwreck
Arms - POC Duke
Web Gear - 25th Stalker
Backpack - SW Rebel Endor Trooper

Breaker is the first GIJoe figure I ever owned. Matter of fact, I first thought his name was "GIJoe" because of the commercial with him on the RAM. Breaker is another character that I feel just has to have that signature look and that is the beard and headset on the helmet.

I wanted to give Breaker a bigger backpack. Always thought the ARAH version was just too small. The SW Endor Trooper backpack looks real enough to fit into the Joeverse. I also added the small phone from Low Light to the side of the backpack.

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