Head: NS Jinx
Chest/back, waist: NS Baroness
Arms: ROC Dialtone II
Hands: Marvel Universe- The Enchantress
Legs: Marvel Universe Jean Grey
Feet, rifle: Resolute Firefly
Bandolier: 25A Duke
Grenades: 25A Destro


Unproduced in what would have been the next wave of GI Joe Extreme, Mayday would have been the lone female figure in the line. The figure's design, as seen in promotional material, appears to be bits of armor over fatigues. The great but tiny NS Jinx head stands in for Mayday, and 25A arms replace the dreaded NS shoulders. The female Marvel Universe legs allow for the Lara Croft-like short shorts and boots, although Hasbro should have hidden the pins for the knee hinges.

Draping the Duke bandolier across the chest hides the Cobra symbol, too.

Colors & Paint:

A tan colored uniform with chunks of silver and black. The prototype Mayday figure had a bit of a scowl, but I painted on a smile on the custom.

Sculpting & Modifying:

To alter the hairline from Jinx's, and to make the head appear slightly larger, a bit of extra hair is added in the center. The collar, knee pads, short cuffs, and boot edges are sculpted.

The Marvel Universe legs are spaced further than they are with a GI Joe t-bar. This leave a gap. I added mass to the waist piece and the upper legs to hide the t-bar.

This is figure that took a lot of work, but in the end just doesn't work. The undersized head throws off the proportions too much.

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