Body - blue DG Cobra
Web Gear - POC Cobra

I wanted a more accurate 50th version of the original 1982 Cobra trooper. I used a blue DG Cobra figure and swapped the leg pouch from the left to right leg. Then moved the boot sheath to the left leg. The two main things I wanted for this custom was to add the bullet and garrote to the arms. The two bullets were cut from Dojo Roadblock web gear (the one with bullets lining the bottom), and the garrote was made from a quick epoxy/resin cast of the garrote on the Cobra Bazooka Trooper web gear. Lastly, I cut the back of the web gear and glued it together to look more like the original '83 figure. For some reason the figure looks slightly glossy in the picture, but it's not as glossy in person.

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