Head: Star Wars the Clone Wars- Anakin Skywalker
Neck: 25A Destro (IG uniform) cast
Upper body, arms: Indiana Jones- Mutt Williams
Hands: Star Wars- Han Solo
Waist: NS ???
Legs: ARAH Quick Kick
Pouch on leg: ROC Ice Viper cast
Missile launcher: ROC Neo Viper


One of the unproduced Eagle Force characters, Malibu would have been the laid-back beach bum of the team. The wavy haired animated Anakin Skywalker head and the bare Quick Kick feet caught the visual components of Mego's pre-production artwork. The Mutt Williams upper body looked mellow enough to use for Eagle Force's obvious loafing enthusiast.

The missile launcher is over sized and clunky, but I like it with the figure for reasons that defy explanation. Having the figure hold it by the front grip, instead of the rear one with the trigger, balances it better on the figure's shoulders and looks slightly better.

Colors & Paint:

Like my other EF customs, the metallic gold of the Mego figures is replaced with a tan/yellow/orange camouflage pattern. Bright platinum blonde hair disguises the Anakin head as much as possible. The shirt was originally going to be burnt orange, but it gave the figure too much of an Aquaman vibe, so blue was used instead after searching for other colors to use. The blue shirt makes Malibu the first of my EF customs to step outside of what has become their standard color set.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The neck is cast, because the Mutt Williams figure donated its neck to another figure years ago, before I thought of casting non-head body parts. The pouch on the leg is cast, and the flip flops are sculpted.


With 25A figures, I've found that a drop of superglue into the leg (where the t-bar goes into the upper leg) will tighten things up if they get too loose. I tried that trick on this figure's ARAH parts and it caused the metal to break. Yes, it broke the metal!! Because the upper legs are painted tight at the seam and the screw inset is epoxied shut, I wasn't able to repair them. I simply glued the legs to the inside of the hip sockets. They don't move except for the knees.

Not only did the legs turn out to be frustrating, but I also missed some obvious stuff with missile launcher. I should have cut away the trigger from the rear handle and moved it to the front one. And the over sized scope on top that the launcher should have been removed and replaced on the side where the figure's head would line up with it.

Thanks for looking.

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