Head: PoC Cobra Trooper
Torso, upper arms: PoC Dusty
Lower arms: RoC Elite Viper
Upper legs: 50th Lowlight
Lower legs: Retaliation Snake Eyes

''Following GI Joe's victory at Cobra Mountain, Cobra Commander and a few of his operatives have escaped. However, most of Cobra hierarchy is now in GI Joe's custody and are detained in a secret ultra-security compound in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Now, Major Bludd has struck out on his own. Hired by an unknown employer, he has recruited an army of ruthless mercenaries to raid decommissioned Cobra bases across the globe in search of one of Cobra Commander's lost relics. To stop them, GI Joe must turn to their captured Cobra operatives to help defeat Bludd's Skull Squad. Can these former Cobra agents find redemption and stop Major Bludd?''

This custom was made for PHX Customs GI Joe Redemption project in July 2017.

The Skull Squad has been on my to-do list for a long time, but has never been a priority. When we decided to make Major Bludd our Big Bad for Resurgence: Redemption, I figured that this was my opportunity to make a cool team for the good major. I wanted to make something that struck similar chords to the Club's Skull Squad, but not have it be an exact copy. The head and helmet are call backs to regular Cobra Troopers, since Bludd's forces are recruited directly from that division of Cobra. The PoC Dusty torso offers the armored vest look that I was looking for. The hardest part was to find suitable legs. I toyed with using 25th IG Destro legs to have extra tall boots, but decided to go a bit more tactical after seeing what Bucky was cooking up for Major Bludd himself. Filecard courtesy of doe138.

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