All parts - Dusty v3

Guns - Cobra Troopers 1998
Backpack, coyote - Dusty v3

This is a paint update of Dusty v3. I painted some details on his legs, and backpack, and re-did his eyes (which were just ugly blobs of orange paint on the original). I also gave him black versions of his (rather out-of-scale) weapons (from 1998 Cobra Troopers). The biggest change was his beret. The original figure is wearing a light tan beret, which is a colour no US Army unit has ever worn so far as I can tell (it's lighter than the beret rangers currently wear). Dusty version 1 (and 2) has a Parachutist's Badge on his uniform, which means he's airborne qualified, and at the time this figure was released airborne units were allowed to wear maroon berets, so that's what I gave him.

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