Head, torso - custom cast
Upper arms - Hollow Point (2003)
Lower arms - Burnout (2003)
Waist - Sneak Peek (modified)
Legs - Airtight

Rifle, radio pack - Marauder Inc.
Sword - Budo

Cool Breeze was a created-to-be-killed Joe who had a pretty good character arc in Marvel issues #111-112. He was always difficult to make a figure of without custom parts, because he has quite a unique look. A few years ago a head and torso sculpt was done, and I managed to get my hands on a casting of these parts. They took a lot of work to get into shape, I suspect I got castings from late in the mold's life because there was quite a bit of excess material to be carved away, and several holes that needed to be filled with putty. But it doesn't look too bad now, as long as you don't look too closely.

I used Sneak Peek's waist to give him a hook to hang a sword on, and the legs are from Airtight. I've seen a custom of Cool Breeze using Frostbite's legs, which are more comic-accurate in appearance, but I find them too skinny, they don't really work with the relatively thick-built waist and torso. The lower arms are from Burnout, and the upper arms from Hollow Point, a Built-to-Rule figure. I used his arms because he's made of a softer plastic so it's easier to swap out the lower arms, and because it gave me a lot of room to paint on Cool Breeze's sleeve patches. The arms have the bigger, New Sculpt-style shoulders, but they don't stick out too much with this torso, which is pretty meaty. His M-16 is from Marauder Inc. and I gave him a radio pack, but not the one he's pictured with in the comic, since that's Recoil's pack.

We know from the comic that his specialty is recon, as he was part of a unit including Stalker, Sneak Peek, Ambush and Recoil. If he were Army, that would suggest he's probably LRRP, but that's Recoil's thing already and Stalker as well. So I decided to make him Marine Force Recon instead, since the last Joe with those qualifications would be Gung-Ho, so adding a second one makes some sense. But the badge on Cool Breeze's hat looks like an Army Pathfinder badge, so I included that on his filecard as well, since Pathfinders can come from different branches of the armed forces.

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