Head - Buzzer (modified)
Arms - Rock n Roll v2
Torso - Snow Job (modified)
Waist - Lanard Corps
Legs - Footloose

Helmet - Marauder Inc.
Phone - Firefly v4
Rifle - Duke v11
Belt - black version of Cross Hair's belt, unsure which figure it came with

Lighthorse is a character who has appeared in a few issues of the IDW continuity. This custom is based on his appearance in Special Missions #1, I've included an image from that comic. The parts came together pretty quickly once I decided to do this custom. I wanted a head with sunglasses, and I happened to have a Buzzer head that was missing his hair, so I molded some new hair with epoxy putty.

Then I wanted a torso from before 1985 if I could find a good one, so I wouldn't have to do anything to the neck. Snow Job's torso worked really well, it has both a neck scarf and some pouches on the chest. I added additional pouches below and a strap for the webgear going around to the back using putty. After the modding work, it was a pretty simple paint job, and then putting some accessories together.

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