Head - Mortal Kombat Scorpion/Sub-Zero
Arms - Armadillo
Torso - Street Fighter M. Bison
Waist, legs - Storm Shadow v1

Here's a custom Red Ninja. I had previously done one using a Ninja Force (Slice) torso, but it never really worked because of the issues with putting a torso like that back together. This one uses the torso from M. Bison (recoloured Hardball which provides a red base to work with), along with other parts from the previous attempt: head from Scorpion/Sub-Zero, waist and legs from Storm Shadow v1 and arms from Armadillo. It's pleasingly comic-accurate, unlike the official Hasbro ARAH-style releases.

The Red Ninjas are one of the main reason I go into customizing. None of the Hasbro releases did justice to their comic appearances, so I always wanted to be able to make one of my own. I'm quite happy with how this turned out.

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