Head - Scarlett v2 (modified)
Arms, torso - Cover Girl (modified)
Waist, legs - Lady Jaye

One project I'm working on is to give each of the original characters a unique look, but still something simple and military. Scarlett already had a unique outfit, but wearing a bodysuit into battle was an odd choice. So the point of this custom is to give her a uniform that someone trained as a Marine scout sniper might actually wear. The torso is Cover Girl with the jacket shaved down, and I added a custom-cast ponytail to the Scarlett v2 head.

I also gave her a sniper rifle. It was important to give her an appropriate firearm. In the original ARAH run of figures, Hasbro was allergic to giving female characters actual firearms. None of Scarlett, Cover Girl, Lady Jaye, Zarana or Jinx came with a gun at all, and Baroness comes with a 'high-density laser rifle', so even that's not a real gun. Baroness' rifle bears a slight resemblance to a Beretta AR70/223 assault rifle, so that's what I consider it to be in my Joeverse.

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