Head - Angel Forge custom cast
Torso - Angel Forge custom cast (modified)
Arms - Jinx
Waist - Baroness modified
Legs - Baroness

Gun - fodder

Devil's Due brought the Red Shadows into GI Joe continuity in 2005, but with all-new leadership made up of Wilder Vaughn, Artur Kulik and Dela Eden. This figure is a custom of Ms. Eden, who is mostly known as the one who killed Lady Jaye in the Disavowed continuity. I changed her look a fair bit from her comic appearance. A white fur coat and leather bustier might be quite fashionable but are pretty ridiculous in the field, so I gave her something a little more practical to wear. The head and torso are sculpts from Angel Forge, and I used epoxy putty to add some detail and pouches to the torso. Also, since everyone in the Joeverse needs a codename, I also call her Lilith (with Samael being the name for Vaughn and Goliath for Kulik).

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