Heads - Blowtorch
Coats - Rex "The Doctor" Lewis
Arms - Admiral Ackbar
Legs - Storm Shadow
Torsos - Indiana Jones Henry Jones Sr. / Scrap-Iron / Mutt
Boots - Barbeque

I was on a COBRA Science kick after the SPIRITS vs CORPSE group project and wanted to update that con exclusive figure with the Street Fighter Blanka head. But I could never remember his name. Was it Hotwire? Hardwire? I had already used Haywire for the name of a Star Wars Clone Mechanic, and that's when inspiration stuck. I'd use all three names, and make them a trio of clones.

I based their look on Dr. Mindbender's look from RENEGADES. With a simple head swap between two of the characters (Hotwire, and Haywire... I think), I can get a pretty accurate cartoon version of young Brian Bender, COBRA scientist.

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