Head BFS HACKS blank bald head with sculpting
Torso, right arm, and upper legs: Marvel Civil War Agent 13 with sculpting
Left Arm: Star Wars build a droid
Hands: RoC Storm Shadow
Lower legs: RoC Covergirl

Pistol: Revenge of the Sith Senate Guard rifle modified
Sword: Count Dooku lightsaber hilt with Jedi Luke blade modified
Robot hand: Attack of the Clones SP-4 droid
Stand: Mini cassette, aluminum rod, address label

The Marvel Legends figure for Nebula is fantastic, so I was really disappointed that there wasn't a 4" version of her based on her look form the movie. The more pictures I looked at of her figure, the more I kept seeing the BFS balnk head as a starting point. The Black Widow torso came next as I tried to find something that resembled her suit. Luckily I just happened to have all of it in the fodder box. Once I mocked it all up to see what I had, I knew it was worth finishing up. The Volume 2 figure stand was something I wanted to eventually try, but I got them from a coworker who was about to dispose of them and asked if I wanted them as a joke.

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