Schliech Owl - Head, Feet
Thuggee Guard - Torso, Arms, Robes
Orn Free Taa - Hands
Henry Jones Sr. - Glasses
Hard Master - Rolled Up Scroll
Jawa - Legs

I never played with Mighty Max toys as a kid, but the cartoon sort of blew my mind. It had a lot of implied and overt darkness for children's cartoon, especially for when it came out. Quite a few 90's cartoons seemed to be trying to emulate the sophistication and success of the Batman Animated Series, but most of them did a pretty poor imitation. A few gems, like Mighty Max, managed to emulate a lot of the right aspects.

Virgil was the bird/owl/chicken?-like Guide for the Mighty One. I'm particularly happy with how this guy came out, almost like a Henson-creature update to the design.

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