ROC Cobra Commander - Torso
Resolute Zartan - Armor
Retaliation Zartan - Thighs
Zartan - Shoulders
FLAK Viper - Helmet
Destro - Guantlets and Gloves
Resolute Snake Eyes - Knees and Boots

COBRA Corporation Troopers are part solider, part law enforcement and part military unit. Any element that threatens the profits of the COBRA Corporation are considered criminal and enemies of the state, and are dealt with swiftly by COBRA's forces.

CCTs wear heavier armor than their Officers; bulkier, more restrictive of movement, and less ornate. They're expected to be fearless and and unreserved in their defense of the Corporation.

Their design, like the COBRA Corporation Officers, was heavily inspired by X-Com 2, specifically the Advent enemies.

Unlike the Officers, these two didn't quite make it in time to be submitted to the LIBERTY 2215 group project.

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