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Helmet: ARAH vintage Battle Gear
Visor: 25th Flash
Head: Retaliation Kwinn
Everything else: DG Duke V2

In the early 80's, Palitoy released a line of 3.75 inch figures based on their popular Action Man line from the 70s. The line included several repainted GI Joe figures and vehicles (like the VAMP, Fang, Mobat, Steeler, Stalker and Snake Eyes to name a few. These were divided into several sub-teams like SAS (Special Ops) and Z-Force (Infantry).

One of these repainted Joes was Zap. In the UK, he became Dolphin, a member of a member of Q-Force, Action Force's amphibious strike team. My version is a straight forward re-do of the original, including using a vintage style helmet.

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