Head: 25A Bazooka
Alternate helmet head: 25A Cobra Jet Pack Trooper
Neck: Retaliation Roadblock cast
Chest/Back: Star Wars- Han Solo (Bespin outfit)
Arms (down to gloves): ROC Snake-Eyes (arctic assault)
Gloves: 25A Serpentor
Waist, legs: Star Wars- Dr. Evazan
Vest: NS Sand Viper
Backpack: 25A Zartan???
Turkey baster: ROC Cobra Commander
Sidearm: ???
Small monkey: Indiana Jones- Marion Ravenwood
Large monkey: The Golden Compass- Mrs. Coulter


Frass is the term for insect excrement. A term that had to be used for an original character. Frass is a Pox Viper, a bio-weapons specialist who uses monkeys, Slow Roll & Talent Show, (and their infected fleas) to spread disease in populated areas.


The body parts are baggy enough to look like a biochemical suit. The monkeys look just cute enough to be untrustworthy. The Zartan backpack makes a great monkey toting device. There are plenty of more articulated legs that I could have used. However, I take some strange pleasure in moving Star Wars parts out of the "junk parts bin" whenever possible. Using a no-helmet, normal human head establishes Frass as a unique/named Pox Viper, although there could certainly be more.

Colors & Paint:

A rough approximation of the 1988 Toxo-Viper color scheme, with a few changes including a darker red and a mintier green. I tried many workups, but the '88 inspired one links the Pox Vipers to the Toxo-Vipers, which makes some sense.

After painting the (human) head, I was happy and almost set it off to the side to use for a Dogfight custom without his hat/sunglasses/headset. But there aren't too many ginger Cobras, so it stayed as Frass' head.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The inside of the helmet head was filled to accept the neck post, which is a cast.

The shoulders were epoxied to fit the Snake-Eyes arms. There was a gap between the bottom of the chest/back and the waist inset, so that area was filled with epoxy and smoothed. The chest/back were blended with the new area, but the overall look was too bland. The vest was added, glued to the chest/back and sealed at the edges.

Some mass was added to the lower back part of the vest to fill the gap between the back and the backpack.

About the monkeys:

The monkeys official Cobra designation would be "Patient Zero Monkeys". The smaller monkey is "Slow Roll" and the larger one is "Talent Show". By making an unmasked head to show an individual character, Frass, plus the two monkeys, I was able to knock three names off of my codenames-to-use list.

Like with the figure, I tried several combinations of paint schemes for the monkeys. White hair and tan skin worked out the best because it looked the least like the original versions of the monkeys.

Thanks for looking.

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