Head: cast
Torso: Gung Ho with Aves sculpting
Arms: 25th Duke with sculpting
Thighs: Buzzer modified
Lower legs: BFS HACKS with Buzzer pants cuff and sculpting

Raft: sticks, twine, insulation foam, hot glue, Aves for the sail, and Zombie Viper and Toxo Zombie with Rex head
Shark: squirting bathtub toy, stolen by my daughter
Black Freighter: Mortal Kombat Dragon Wing

Seeing all of the Zombie Labs prototypes in person spurred this custom on. While trying to figure out what to do with all those zombies I immediately thought of the raft from the Tales from the Black Freighter (the comic within the comic from The Watchmen). The original idea was to make the raft with the zombies underneath being the actual customs while using the Toybiz Transforming Hulk Banner figure as the surviving sea captain. While Banner had the overall look, the lack of modern articulation killed that idea quick. Luckily my horrible sculpting skills make for great messed up sculpted clothing. I also veered from the comic and went with a head based on the animated DVD version of the story.

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