Head: Marvel Drax
Torso, arms: 25th Destro v1
Legs: 25th Destro (IG)

In the early 80's, Palitoy released a line of 3.75 inch figures based on their popular Action Man line from the 70s. The line included several repainted GI Joe figures and vehicles (like the VAMP, Fang, Mobat, Steeler, Stalker and Snake Eyes to name a few. These were divided into several sub-teams like SAS (Special Ops) and Z-Force (Infantry).

One of these repainted Joe figures was Destro. In the UK, he became Red Jackal, a member of Action Force's enemy, the Red Shadows. I resisted making this custom for years as Destro is really recognizable and I believe that a repaint of him to make a different character is impossible. The repaint will always look like Destro. Still, while playing around with spare parts, I threw this guy together. It's a simple recipe and one that other customizers have already probably done.

I figure he could be Destro's cousin or uncle, someone who represents MARS to the Red Shadows so Destro himself can focus on selling weapons and keeping Cobra happy.

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