Head: Corps
Torso: 92 Shockwave
Arms: '92 Shockwave
Waist: '86 Lift Ticket
Legs: '86 Lift Ticket

A few years back there was some rumblings and initial press about a new breed of O-ring figure to hit the market called SK Omega. And as a hardcore O-Ringer, I was all in with this concept. Sadly, and despite a few old school GI Joe designers having a hand in its development, the line never came to fruition. There were a few cool character ideas in the toy line that I thought would make a cool addition to my Joe team starting with Rook.

Rook makes for a good general soldier/infantry type character that helps fill out the Joe ranks.

I have some ideas for a few other SK Omega characters so while Rook may be the first I doubt he'll be the last.

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